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Get Cozy With Quality Cold Weather Gear

The shacket still rules when it comes to trends in outerwear for the colder months, and versatility and functionality remain top of mind for end users.
couple laughing and playing in cold weather outside near the docks
smiling woman in Santa hat holding snowflake cookie
Sweeten your promo this holiday season with custom cookies and other goodies.

Loco for Cocoa

Spread joy with a sweet treat known for sparking smiles, serotonin and shared memories.
woman enjoying chocolate candies
couple with luggage on airport escalator
Wow recipients with clever on-the-go tech and travel essentials they didn’t know they needed.

Let’s Dine Out! Restaurant Promotional Products Hit The Spot

Restaurant dining is on the rise. Order up some promo to keep patrons coming back for more.
friends around a restaurant table happy sharing plates
blonde woman in camel trench coat - stealth wealth - quiet luxury

What Is ‘Quiet Luxury’ And Why Is It A Great Selling Point For Corporate Apparel?

Providing employees with high-quality garments in classic colors and styles that last not only scores style points but also promotes satisfaction and can even support your sustainability efforts.

Are You Ready For Some Football, Etc.?

When it comes to promos supporting your local sports teams, think beyond football and basketball and embrace some of the more unusual sports, from archery to surfing.

Promote Wellness For The Win

Branded wellness products provide a subtle way to show that you care about your employees and customers. From products made with natural ingredients to tools for yoga or fitness, there are promo opportunities aplenty.

Be Cool: Use Promotional Products To Beat The Heat

Here are five things you can do to beat the heat, plus recommendations for hot-weather promo to help your customers cool off.

man drinking water from red sports bottle after sweaty workout
woman with backpack carrying reusable water bottle

Airport Bottle Bans Highlight Value Of Promo Drinkware

News that a second U.S. airport has banished single-use plastic bottles means more travelers will need to bring their own reusable containers to stay hydrated.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry With 10 Gifts For Entertaining

Perfect for snacking, sharing or serving to party guests, gourmet gifts ranging from cheese to wine to carving boards help recipients make lasting memories with your brand in mind.
multi-ethnic group of young people enjoying dinner outdoors

Keep Their Attention For The Long Haul With Tech-Driven Interactive Promo

Consider adding QR codes, NFC chips or other interactive elements to your next promo project to build a longer-lasting connection between your brand and your customers.

Boost Brand Awareness With Promos That Pop (Up)

In the wonderful world of pop-up stores, clever promos help build buzz, generate excitement and boost brand awareness.

Promo With A Cup Of Joe

Get a buzz going with coffee-themed promo and merch.

Gridiron Good Times

Promo designed for tailgating can help brands make the most of football season as fans root for their favorite teams.

friends partying at a tailgate event
collection of blue and green water bottles with logos, floating in water

Quench Customers’ Thirst With Branded Drinkware​

Whether users want to drink more water or waste fewer single-use items, branded drinkware is a useful promo product that keeps your brand in customers’ hands.

This quick guide to four of the most popular decorating methods – screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving and die casting – will help you understand how each approach works and get an idea which is best for your promotional projects.

man screen printing a T-shirt
woman kissing puppy

Building a connection is what promotional items are all about, so it makes sense for brands to tap into the emotional investment people have in their pets.

From cutting boards and aprons to tongs and grills, here are some practical promo picks perfect for equipping a backyard barbecue.

friends at backyard BBQ enjoy grilled steak and veggies
Little girl on beach with sunglasses and beach ball

Swag Designed With The Seaside In Mind

A day at the beach can be a great opportunity for any brand to build a lasting relationship with end users.

Get your brand in people’s hands on Independence Day with thoughtful promo picks.

girl holding American flag heart pillow with flag background
PPW Expo host Anji Corley peeks over a pair of branded sunglasses with a smile

Who Is Anji Corley, And Why Does She Love Promo?

Professional excitement builder Anji Corley loves promo products and shares her authentic energy as co-host for the Promotional Products Work Expo. Find out more about her and why promo products are more than mere giveaways.

Promotional products give golf courses an easy win. Here’s how to use branded merchandise to get more people to the green.

golfers high five near the hole on a sunny day
happy group wearing Chick-fil-A sauce merch collection

Chick-fil-A Refreshes Merch Shop With New ‘Shop By Sauce’ Collection

Hot on the heels of its successful holiday offerings, the chicken sandwich company adds dozens of new items in seven “flavors” to its online shop.

Research shows that even in a downturn, promotional products can be as valuable as ever. In fact, promo’s value to its end users, relative to other forms of advertising, only goes up during a downturn.

woman in branded tank top excited about promotional products

Athleisure: Not Just For The Gym Anymore

Athleisure apparel marries style with comfort in modern brandable pieces appropriate for work, play and everything in between.

7 Steps To Create A Successful Corporate Apparel Program

Designing a branded apparel program can be daunting. But if you ask the right questions and focus on the people who will be wearing the garments and what they want and need, you will set up the program for success from the start. Here’s how to break down the process into seven manageable steps.

professional woman wearing suit using cellphone

Drive More Sales With Automotive Promo Products

When you think of the automotive market, you might envision bright and shiny cars on display in showrooms or lined up on dealership lots. You wouldn’t be wrong  the United States is home to nearly 19,000 newcar dealers and more than 142,000 usedcar dealers.

Promotional Pens Pin Your Brand In Customers’ Minds

One of the best things about writing instruments is that they’re a portable way to promote your brand. These giveaways land directly in the user’s hand and keep your company name on the go. 

Add Some Muscle To Fitness & Wellness Marketing

When gym owners, trainers, coaches and other fitness professionals want to reach new clients or motivate current clients, they can use promotional products and giveaways in all kinds of ways. From fitness challenges with logoed gear as prizes to promotional items for signing up for memberships or boot camps, customized merchandise gives fitness-focused businesses a powerful way to stay in front of their target audience.

Put Your Brand On Top With Promo Headwear

If T-shirts are the foundation of promo apparel, hats are the icing on the brandable cake. More than two-thirds of consumers own a promo baseball cap, beanie or visor, and just one custom hat averages over 3,400 impressions out in the world.

girl in yellow sweater and knit beanie

How To Use Promo Products That Give Back For Marketing With A Purpose

Carefully curated promo products and giveaways can play a lead role in give-back campaigns, such as those that support the environment, veterans’ groups or other nonprofit organizations. This goes for corporate gifts in addition to customer incentives and fundraising.

The Best Promo Alternatives To Oprah’s Favorite Things

There’s something for everyone on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 List. But the promo products industry also has its own answers for just about every product recommended, including impressive gadgets, retail wares, gift sets and gourmet treats.

Scented Candles From KFC, IKEA And More Prove The Power Of Home Fragrance

Bizarrely scented candles are getting attention and helping brands stand out. For many companies, these candles are a way to prolong the brand experience by inviting memorable scents home.