Let’s Dine Out! Restaurant Promotional Products Hit The Spot

More than ever, people have a seize-the-day mentality. Maybe it’s due to a post-pandemic desire to live in the moment, or perhaps it stems from a choice to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Whatever the reason, food plays a major role in this mindset shift. When they are carpe diem-ing, 43% of people treat themselves with food, and 26% indulge in their favorite wine, according to a OnePoll survey.

friends around a restaurant table happy sharing plates

Research from the National Restaurant Association reveals that 64% of consumers in the USA consider restaurants essential to their lifestyle. About 1 in 3 Americans dines out for lunch on any given day.


Whether they’re ordering a family bundle to go or grabbing a table at their favorite place, diners are ready to partake in whatever restaurants have to offer. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Americans spend more money dining out than on groceries, with people spending about 20% more at restaurants than grocery stores.


When cravings hit, people have plenty of choices, and restaurants of all kinds can capture their attention with promotional products, giveaways and branded merch. From logoed coffee mugs to custom magnets and mints, promos keep a restaurant’s name visible in households, offices and around town. Promo items to be used at the table, like branded napkins and coloring books, are also smart investments.


There’s also the brand pride factor. Restaurant promotional products like coasters, keychains and T-shirts let people show off their favorite coffee house or bakery. And if a restaurant happens to double as a tourist destination, promo items like stickers and shot glasses make must-have souvenirs.


Let these stats whet your appetite for all the delicious possibilities for restaurant promotional items:


Bring On The Bags

According to the National Restaurant Association, 55% of consumers consider takeout and delivery essential. More than half of Americans (60%) order food delivery at least once a week and spend an average of $67 each week on takeout.


Instead of using generic “thank you” bags, restaurants can use branded bags to get their fare to patrons. Not only will this help consumers feel more connected to the establishment, but giving logoed bags helps increase brand awareness – especially when restaurants opt for reusable tote bags that eco-friendly customers can use again and again.


Now Hiring

Restaurants need workers, and lots of them. By 2030, there could be 16.5 million people working in the restaurant business. Restaurants can use giveaways to recruit staff and keep them engaged once they’re part of the team. Beyond wearables, promos like drinkware and technology gifts help businesses show appreciation and reward longevity. Restaurants can also use promo to incentivize staff to reach new goals, like selling a new wine or selling desserts to more tables.


Promo For Extra Profit

To bring in some extra money, 35% of restaurants are looking to add or bring in retail items. More than half of consumers (57%) have bought retail items at a local restaurant in the past year. Items like T-shirts, tumblers and glassware let people show their love for their favorite eatery, bakery or bistro while allowing restaurant owners to generate extra revenue. Many fast-food restaurants run full online stores that sell branded merchandise like T-shirts and tote bags.


Here are just a few of the many options for restaurant promo products:

Refrigerator Magnets

Hand out Custom Magnets to keep a restaurant’s name visible on fridges and filing cabinets. Printed using UV-protected inks, these magnets function like a business card are fade-resistant for up to three years.

custom die-cut restaurant advertising magnets
custom printed waist apron for wait staff

Waist Apron

Ideal for wait staff and chefs, the Dye-Sublimated Waist Apron showcases a logo in vibrant full color. It’s waterproof, so wearers don’t have to worry about sloshes and spills in the kitchen.

Pizza Cutter

Make pizza promos even more enticing with the Studio Cuisine Pizza Cutter. This stainless-steel wheel is designed with a finger guard and features a handle with a faux-wood finish.

wood handle rotary pizza cutter with logo on the handle
bamboo chopsticks with logo on the barrel and storage sleeve

Custom Chopsticks

Celebrate a grand opening or commemorate a restaurant’s anniversary with individually wrapped Bamboo Chopsticks. Customize the wrapper or the chopsticks themselves for a memorable touch.

Stadium Cup

It’s not the fanciest barware, but a custom stadium cup is a practical restaurant promotional product that makes a great keepsake to be used again and again. This 16-oz. Color Changing Stadium Cup changes color when filled with a cold beverage, sure to leave a lasting impression.

color changing plastic stadium cup
folding wine bottle opener with custom logo

Wine Opener

A must-have for restaurant wait staff and small enough to fit in an apron pocket, this Wine Bottle Opener features a foil cutter, a black nonstick coated corkscrew and double-hinge lever. Choose from white or black.

Coffee Mug

Add custom drinkware like the Zen Series coffee mug to the merch lineup at places like coffee shops or breakfast eateries. This mug features a soft ripple effect at the bottom and a push-on, slide-open lid.

custom logo coffee mug - tall with ribbed base