Be Cool: Use Promotional Products To Beat The Heat

Everyone’s feeling the summer heat, and they’re looking for ways to stay cool. Breathable hats and cooling products are great, but the best heat-related promotional items will focus on hydration, making water bottles the top recommended giveaway to keep cold water in your customers’ hands.

man drinking water from red sports bottle after sweaty workout

As rising temperatures continued to break records this summer, so did energy use and costs. According to NASA, July 2023 was the hottest July ever in over a century of recordkeeping.


Scientists predict that we’ll continue to see more frequent and intense heatwaves as a result of climate change. Here are five things you can do to beat the heat, plus a few product recommendations for hot-weather promo to help your customers beat the summer heat.


1. Stay hydrated. Did you know our bodies are more than half water? Most people don’t drink enough water anyway, but staying hydrated is critical when temperatures (and humidity) climb toward the century mark. Keep a water bottle handy as a reminder to sip throughout the day, aiming for 64 ounces or more total.

Water Bottles For The Win

Whether end users are driving, flying or walking down the street on a hot day, a good water bottle is invaluable. Consider the Mesa Tundra Water Bottle, which can keep ice chilled for well over 24 hours. The wide mouth also makes it super easy to refill before sporting events or other summer activities. Pop your logo on the outside to build brand awareness.

branded water bottle with handle and straw built-in lid
cooler bag that looks like a golf bag

Cooler Tote Bag

This Cooler Caddy Jr. has a fully insulated main compartment with heat-sealed liner. It can hold up to six cans plus ice and keep them ice cold for hours. There are two additional zippered outside pockets with mesh organizer and two outside mesh pockets for quick access. A large handle and adjustable shoulder strap make this insulated tote bag easy to carry on road trips and keep hydration handy in hot weather.

2. Take breaks when outdoors or indoors without air conditioning, whether at work or play. Heat puts extra stress on your body, so don’t push it. OSHA has a number of resources to help prevent heat illness for workers, and the Mayo Clinic provides a list of warning signs to watch for when exercising in the heat.

Cooling Towel

A Cooling Towel keeps you cooler while doing summertime activities indoors or outside in the hot weather. Simply wet with water and wring to activate (refresh with more water as needed to restore the cooling effect). It remains dry to the touch. It’s made with 100% eco-friendly, chemical-free microfiber polyester material, which is more comfortable than standard cotton towels. Hand wash prior to use. A full color sublimation imprint is included, making it a great opportunity for brand awareness.

sublimated custom design cooling towel

3. Seek shade. You can carry an umbrella for portable shade outdoors. Some offer liners or coatings added for UV protection. Wide-brimmed hats are also a good choice. (But you still need sunscreen!)

turquoise umbrella open with logo

Throwing Shade

Keep shade on demand at hand with this Mini Folding Umbrella, perfect for rainy days as well as providing relief from the scorching summertime sun. This highly portable piece opens to a 42-inch arc but folds to a compact 9 inches and comes in a variety of bright colors to stand out and darker hues for more sun protection. Put your brand on the canopy and matching sleeve to maximize exposure.

Keep Your Car Cool(er)

A windshield sunshade is another must-have. On a hot summer day, a sunshade can keep the inside of the vehicle 25-30% cooler, which in turn helps the air conditioner to cool down the interior faster. The DisplaySplash Car Sunshade also protects your car’s interior accessories against harmful UV rays. Made from waterproof, block-out fabric, this sunshade is also durable and convenient to use.

collapsible car windshield sun shade

4. Use fans (with care). Fans are a tried-and-true tool for providing added airflow and relief, but it’s important to know when to use them. Evaporation is the key. An Australian study found that fans do reduce core body temperature in hot and humid conditions, but they can actually increase body temps when it’s hot and dry – like an induction oven.

personal clip-on fan

Bring Your Own Breeze

Recipients can keep cool and enjoy the convenience of this lightweight, portable clip-on mini fan and take it anywhere. With the rechargeable lithium battery, just charge it up with the included USB cable. The unique clip-on design helps keep the fan close – and keep you from overheating – whether you’re sitting at your desk or out for a walk, and it can run continuously for two to four hours depending on the adjustable speed. The 360-degree rotation allows users to enjoy the cool breeze in any position.

5. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Performance fabrics with moisture-wicking properties are a good choice, especially in light colors that reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat. Apply a little color theory with light blues and greens to suggest coolness for added benefit.

Summer Style

Sun and sweat are no problem for this versatile, lightweight, highly breathable Short Sleeve UV Daybreak Shirt. Relaxed styling makes it perfect for outdoor or indoor wear. The moisture-wicking garment also offers sun protection, with a UPF rating of 30, and its vented back panel with mesh provides improved airflow for comfort.

man wearing moisture-wicking performance shirt with buttons, light blue