Fetch A Paws-itive Response For Your Brand With Promo For Pets

Pets are part of the family – and big business. A 2022 report from the American Pet Products Association says 7 in 10 American households (more than 90 million) include at least one pet, and we spend almost $124 billion on our pets each year. Dogs still lead the pack, followed by cats, then fish and other critters.


Driven in part by increased animal adoptions and more time at home during the pandemic, we’re also spending a lot more time with our furry (and feathered and finned) friends. Building a connection is what promotional items are all about, so it makes sense for brands to tap into the emotional investment people have in their pets.

woman kissing puppy

April 11 marks National Pet Day, and May is National Pet Month in the U.S. But let’s face it – every day is dog or cat (or ferret or whatever) appreciation day once an animal has captured your heart, so anytime is a good time to add promotional pet supplies into the mix.


Plenty of companies have rolled out new product lines for pets in the past year, and interest in promotional pet products is increasing, particularly generic pieces that aren’t tied to the size of the animal, like bandanas, dog toys or leashes, as well as on-the-go items like collapsible pet bowls.


On the more custom side, fun projects with promo products matching owners to their pets can make a big impact and spark lots of social media buzz. After all, the D-O-double-G himself launched the “Snoop Doggie Doggs” pet accessory line last year.


Whether you’re talking giveaways or merch, pet products present a huge opportunity to promote any brand or business, not just the usual suspects like veterinarians, groomers and the like. In addition to the (literal) warm fuzzy feeling the end users will get, pet promotional items create opportunities for your brand to shine on walks around the block, trips to the dog park or in cute social media posts, where more people will see that logo or message – so why not turn dogs into walking billboards for your business?


Pet items can also be an extra purr-sonal tool for employee recognition. With working from home much more common since the pandemic, in many cases, our pets are our coworkers now. Sharing a little love with the furry friends of your employees or customers is a great way to engage with the whole person, not just the person we would interact with at the office.


Here are a few promotional products that can fetch a paws-itive response for your brand:

Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl

Pop your client’s logo on this collapsible 6-inch Silicone Dog Bowl. The silicone construction makes PMS color matching a cinch, and the easy-to-clean bowl folds totally flat for portability.

collapsible silicone dog bowl
water bottle with built-in dog bowl

Dog Bowl Bottle Combo

The Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle Lite includes a detachable silicone bowl so people and pets can hydrate together on the go. The BPA-free clear water bottle comes with silicone bowl and neck in seven colors (blue shown).

Custom Leash

A durable pet leash makes a great gift or giveaway. Customize this Elite+ Leash, 1 inch wide and 6 feet long, with your company name and full-color logo woven into the fabric.

custom woven pet leash
custom pet bandanna

Cooling Pet Bandana

This machine washable, custom-printed Bandoggies Cooling Pet Bandana makes a great accessory for anyone’s favorite pooch. To activate the cooling material, simply wet it, wring it out, wave it in the air and tie it loosely around the dog’s neck. Available in sizes S-L.

Custom Pet Harness

Maximize brandable area and provide extra comfort for the animal with this rPET Eco-Friendly Sublimation Strong Pet Vest Harness. The 3/4-inch adjustable strap, made of 100% recycled polyester, can be decorated with full-color edge-to-edge dye sublimation for all-over messaging.

custom printed pet harness
dog poop bag dispenser with custom design

Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

Everyone poops, and everyone knows that’s why bags are a must for any walk with a dog. This stylish, refillable Pet Waste Bag Dispenser clips directly onto a leash, belt loop or keychain and holds one full roll of bags (one roll included). The rubber-reinforced hole makes for easy dispensing, one bag at a time, and the all-over decoration in full color makes it a great branding opportunity.

Pet Hair Remover

White cat, black pants – no problem. This Pet Hair Remover works like a charm on clothing, upholstery and anything riddled with fur, and pet lovers will be delighted to receive such a useful giveaway. No need to buy hundreds of lint roller sheets for a hair-free haven – a velvety bar pills loose fur into a closed compartment, then simply press the release button to open and empty.

pet hair remover tool
Windmill Cat Food Dispenser Interactive Pet Toy

Cat Food Dispenser Toy

Brand the base of this windmill-style Cat Food Dispenser Interactive Pet Toy for a fun feline option. The suction cup stabilizes the toy on a flat surface, vertically or horizontally, and a soft rubber stopper makes it easy to refill. Various colors available.

Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Custom pet toys in the shape of your product or logo make memorable giveaways and are a great addition to any merch line. A Plush Squeaky Dog Toy can be made in any shape, size and color, and plush beer cans and bottles have proved especially popular with breweries that host “yappy hour” for dogs and their owners.

custom plush squeaky dog toy
dog treats with custom magnet label

Dog Treats

Give a gift for now and later with these Mini Dog Bones in Bag with Bone Magnet. Made in the USA, each bone-shaped morsel offers 12 vitamins and minerals, and every 1-oz. bag of treats comes with an attached full-color magnet that will remind recipients who gave them the treats.