How Experiential Marketers Are Leveraging Promotional Products

Experiential marketing has become an increasingly popular way for brands to create memorable experiences for their customers. Promotional products are a key element of experiential marketing, with 83% of consumers reporting they would feel a strengthened loyalty to a brand they currently shop with that gave them a promotional product. Strategic experiential marketers are thoughtfully leveraging promo products to provide tangible reminders of those experiences to create a lasting impression of their brands.


What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is a form of marketing that creates immersive and engaging experiences for customers. Rather than simply promoting a product or service, experiential marketing seeks to create a memorable experience that connects customers with the brand on a deeper level. This can take many forms, from pop-up events and interactive installations to product demonstrations and live performances.


What role do promotional products play in experiential marketing?

Promotional products are an important component of many experiential marketing campaigns. By providing customers with tangible items that they can take home, brands can extend the impact of their experiences beyond the event itself. Promotional products can help reinforce the brand message, create a lasting impression and even encourage social sharing.


For example, consider a brand that hosts a pop-up event where customers can try out their new line of fitness gear. By giving attendees a branded water bottle or gym towel to take home, the brand can extend the experience beyond the event and remind customers of the benefits of their products every time they use the item. Similarly, a brand that hosts a music festival can give attendees branded sunglasses or hats, creating a sense of community that ultimately influences attendees to share their experience on social media.


How do experiential marketers select the right promotional products?

When it comes to choosing promotional products for experiential marketing campaigns, it’s important to think carefully about what will resonate with customers and reinforce the brand message. Some key factors to consider include:


  • Relevance: The promotional product should be relevant to the experience and the brand message. For example, a brand that promotes sustainability might give out reusable tote bags or bamboo utensils.
  • Quality: The quality of the promotional product is important, as customers are more likely to use and remember high-quality items. Poorly constructed items can have the opposite effect, leaving a negative impression of the brand.
  • Utility: Promotional products that are useful in everyday life are more likely to be used and remembered. Items like water bottles, tote bags and phone chargers are practical and have a high perceived value.
  • Branding: Promotional product branding is an art and successful marketers will work closely with their promo distributor to design and select art that is both on brand and will resonate with their audience.

Here are a few examples of experiential marketing campaigns that have successfully leveraged promotional products:


Red Bull: The energy drink brand is known for its high-energy events, from extreme sports competitions to music festivals. At their events, Red Bull gives out branded hats, sunglasses and other items that reinforce their brand message of excitement and energy.

Nike: The sports apparel giant is no stranger to experiential marketing, having hosted countless pop-up events and activations around the world. At events like the Nike Women’s 10k race, the brand gives out branded t-shirts and water bottles that motivate and inspire runners.

Sephora: The beauty retailer has hosted pop-up beauty bars and other events that offer personalized makeup consultations and samples. At these events, Sephora gives out branded makeup bags and other beauty essentials that encourage attendees to try out their products at home.


Experiential marketing is a powerful way for brands to create memorable experiences for their customers, and promotional products are a key element of many successful campaigns. By choosing the right products, brands can extend the impact of their experiences beyond the event itself, reinforcing their brand message and creating a lasting impression.