How Creative HR Teams Are Leveraging Promotional Products To Engage Remote Workers

As hybrid and remote work continue to become the norm for many organizations, HR professionals are discovering new ways to engage and motivate their remote workforce. The strategy that has been gaining in popularity is the use of promotional products to create a sense of connection and community among remote employees.


It makes sense that creative HR teams are looking to support their employees with thoughtful gifts. In a recent consumer study, 62% of people reported that they feel appreciated by their employer when they are given quality promotional products.


Promotional products, such as branded merchandise and corporate gifts, have long been used by companies to promote their brands and build customer loyalty. But in recent years, HR professionals have recognized the potential of promotional products to engage and motivate employees as well.


With remote work, the challenge is to create a sense of belonging and team spirit among employees who are working from different locations, but promotional products can help to bridge that gap. From that same recent consumer study, 52% of respondents agreed that they felt included as part of the team when they received promo products from their employer. Promotional products can help to bridge the gap by providing a tangible reminder of the company culture and values, and by creating a sense of community among remote workers.


Here are some ways that creative HR professionals are using promotional products to engage remote workers:


Welcome Kits: When new employees join a company, they often receive a welcome kit that includes promotional products such as branded pens, notebooks and water bottles. With remote workers, welcome kits can be mailed to their homes, providing a tangible reminder of their new job and the company culture. Creative HR teams are also sourcing promotional products with sustainability and give-backs that align with their organization’s values.


Virtual Events: Many companies are using virtual events to connect with remote workers and promote team building. Promotional products can be included as part of the event, such as sending participants a gift box that includes branded items like T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other quality products that their teams will want to keep and enjoy long after the virtual event has concluded.


Recognition and Rewards: Promotional products can also be used to recognize and reward remote workers for their hard work and contributions. For example, a company might send a gift box to a remote worker who has exceeded their sales targets, or a premium branded jacket to an employee who has been with the company for five years.


Wellness Programs: With remote work (and even in-person work), employee wellness has become a top priority for many companies. Promotional products can be used to support wellness programs, such as sending a yoga mat or fitness tracker to remote workers as part of a wellness initiative. Some organizations may take it further by incentivizing employees that reach certain wellness targets with luxury products.


Holiday Gifts: Finally, promotional products can be used to celebrate holidays and special occasions, such as sending remote workers a branded gift basket around the holidays or a personalized card on their birthday.


The organizations that are succeeding at engaging and retaining remote workers have creative HR teams that are using promotional products to engage remote workers. By using promotional products strategically, companies can build employee loyalty, promote team building and support employee wellness in a remote work environment.