Stuck In A Slasher Flick? 8 Promo Products To Help You Survive

If you’re running for your life and you trip, your car doesn’t start and there’s absolutely no service, you’re probably in a horror movie – starring you.


Can you survive the night?


Some do’s and don’ts to how to survive a horror movie are no-brainers. For example, never move into an old haunted house or bring home a creepy doll.


But true slasher movie fans know the cliches – and that the simplest things can go wrong. That’s where promo comes in. While a weapon may be hard to come by, everyday products can really save you in real-life emergency situations. Here are five tips to surviving a horror movie with a little help from promo products.


Skip The Party

There’s a full moon, and you get invited to a party. Should you go? Absolutely not. You’ve seen Scream (1996) or even Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022). Avoid all dances, too. Think Carrie (1976). Enjoy a night in and lock all the doors and windows.

One Mississippi-based promotional products distributor says if she was in a horror movie, she’d want a blanket, headphones and a power bank. “I mean, if I am going to die anyway, I might as well go out watching something.”

Chelsea throw blanket

This Chelsea throw blanket adds instant luxury and comfort to any room. The classic throw is made from soft premium knitted yarn and has a silky finish. It’s perfect for curling up with good book or movie.

Charcuterie Board

Keep your snacks close with this charcuterie board. This board includes a block of your choice of natural or shelf stable cheese with a bevy of delicious treats to satisfy at any snack time. It all comes packed with a bamboo cutting board that’s fire branded with your client’s logo.

Avoid Showers

Another horror movie rule: When you’re getting ready for bed, don’t jump in the shower. If you’ve seen Psycho (1960) or The Invisible Man (2020), you know a serial killer could be sneaking up on you. Take a bath instead.


This four-piece spa kit includes a pumice stone, wood nail brush, sisal sponge and loofah in a wooden box.

Bath Bomb Set

This Good Vibes bath bomb set includes three bath bombs: Good Karma (Musk), Tie Dye (Patchouli) and Groovy (Sandalwood). They are packaged in a Kraft box tied with a black fabric ribbon with white stitched edging. This kit is a fun gift for employees, customers and holidays.

Ignore Strange Noises

You’re lying in bed, and you hear a strange noise – a floorboard creaks or a door slams shut. Or worse, someone whispers your name in the dead of night like in Nightmare On Elm Street (1984). Could it be Freddy or Michael Myers? Don’t investigate. Turn some music on and go to sleep.

Take Care of Your Car

This Roadway Handy Multi Tool is perfect for any roadside emergency. Store this multi-tool in your glove compartment to keep on hand. It’s not a chainsaw, but it includes a knife blade, bottle opener, scissors, standard screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver with wrench, built-in emergency seat belt cutter and window breaker. There’s a steady on and blinking LED light with red light ring. The light zooms in and out to control the size of the beam.

Take Care Of Your Car

The Lumina Jump Starter high-capacity power bank with a powerful battery, capable of boosting car, motorcycle, or other recreational vehicle engines. The dual USB ports can be used simultaneously to charge devices for a reboot. It’s equipped with a light for roadside emergencies. The kit includes jumper cable clamps, micro-USB cable, AC adapter, car adapter and user manual, all conveniently housed in a sleek black case. Spend four to five hours charging before leaving home.

Keep Your Phone Charged

This five-in-one wireless power bank is a life saver. It can charge multiple devices at one time with ample power left over. It can also wirelessly power devices on top of the power bank.

Why Horror Is Popular


In 2020, the horror genre made history, bringing in the largest share of the box office, and slasher movies have only become more popular. Promo pros should tap into the scary popularity of horror flicks.

Paramount’s Smile had 2022’s most successful second weekend, cashing in on word of mouth and a unique viral campaign. Creative marketing strategies like pop-up “Smilers,” or actors randomly smiling in the background of live broadcasts, creeped out fans while sparking interest.


Seeking out terror-inducing films seems nonsensical, but it can be soothing. In 2020, anxiety rose sharply among Americans, according to the American Psychiatric Association. They worried about keeping their families safe (80%), COVID-19 (75%), gun violence (73%) and the presidential election (72%). As anxiety grew, so did the popularity of horror movies.


Ironically, some anxious people use scary movies to deal with their anxiety. For those who suffer from anxiety, horror offers an outlet and a sense of control. Lack of control is a trigger for anxiety, but when you’re watching a horror movie, you’re in control: You can adjust the volume or turn on the lights.



Horror movies also offer a way for us to learn. Seeing our fears facing us on the screen teaches us how to survive, whether it’s the zombie apocalypse, paranormal activity or just your average Tuesday.



One thing’s for sure: We can’t survive without promo. 


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