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What Is Promotional Products Work Expo? And Why Should You Attend?

Promotional Products Work Expo is an online event that educates and inspires ways to incorporate effective promotional products in your marketing. Read on to learn more.

Most marketing in the world today is an interruption. Print ads, internet pop-ups, and social media posts distract consumers while they’re browsing for other things. Promotional products, however, are unique because they’re welcomed by consumers. If you’re new to the promotional products industry, there’s a lot to learn about what products to use and how to use them.


The Promotional Products Work Expo (PPW Expo) is an online event designed to educate and inspire buyers with new ideas and fresh ways to incorporate promotional products into your marketing. This exclusive, invitation-only virtual event showcases some of the best products and ideas in the industry, hosted by your distributor partner.


With their guidance, you’ll deepen your understanding of the promotional products industry, start insightful conversations, experience the most effective and on-trend products that recipients will want to keep and use.



What Can I Expect At The PPW Expo?

Research shows that promotional products effectively increase brand awareness. When you invest in a marketing tool that engages your audience, you’ll remain front of mind when they need your product or service. Here are some facts and figures to know:


  • Promotional products are the most highly viewed form of advertising among consumers.
  • 76% of people recall the name of a brand on a promotional item.
  • Offering promotional merchandise within a bundle at checkout, as a gift with purchase, sells more of the product than if it were discounted alone.
  • American businesses spend $20 billion each year on promotional products. The world’s biggest companies use these tools to build customer loyalty, spread their advertising messages and more. They use them to connect with customers, tell the brand’s unique stories, say thank you and motivate specific actions, all while increasing the brand’s awareness, recognition and equity.


What Can I Expect At The PPW Expo?

Expect to engage with your distributor partner at the PPW Expo and see new and trending products up close. There are endless opportunities to learn about the best uses of promotional products, forge a stronger partnership with your distributor host, and develop ideas. In one stop, you can review options for giveaways and merchandise, receive guidance from your distributor, and develop an action plan for your upcoming campaigns.


A professional and experienced distributor can answer questions you have about promotional products – even questions you weren’t aware of. You can work with them to design a marketing campaign that gets results and saves you time and hassle.


Your distributor helps to create the PPW Expo as part of their membership in Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the non-profit trade association for promotional products professionals. The Association has a wealth of experience staging virtual shows like PPW Expo, bringing leading exhibitors to the digital show floor to showcase the best promotional merchandise available.


Benefits Of Attending The PPW Expo

At PPW Expo will explore the full value of promotional products. By attending this event, you’ll see what your promotional products distributor offers, learn how these physical offerings can benefit you, and catch up on the important trends in promotional marketing.

Benefits of attending the PPW Expo include:



1. Fostering creativity and inspiring ideas:

The PPW Expo offers information on ways to leverage your promotional products, including targeting strategies and tips for promo budgeting and initiatives.


 2. Improving engagement:

The PPW Expo helps you work more cohesively with your distributor partner as they provide education and insight. You’ll also gain access to valuable content and education on the most effective uses of promotional products.


3. Increases understanding:

Most of all, the PPW Expo helps you stay on top of trends, both in the products themselves and strategies for using them to maximize brand awareness and affinity. You can learn how to better incorporate promotional products into your current strategy and leverage rising trends in high-tech or self-care focused goods, as well as eco-friendly products that highlight sustainability and social awareness.



How To Get An Invitation To The PPW Expo

Your promotional products distributor can register an unlimited number of visitors for the PPW Expo, so you should contact them for an invitation to the event. Not sure who that is? Get with the last person you ordered merchandise from, such as logoed pens, new signage or gifts for your team. Your partner will be excited to offer you a more in-depth look at promo products and help you develop new campaigns and strategies.


Tips For Making The Most Of The PPW Expo

Use your time wisely while attending the PPW Expo to learn key information and build lasting relationships. Keep the following tips in mind:


 1. Make time to attend education sessions.

During the PPW Expo, you’ll have the chance to take in information about best practices for using promotional products in your campaigns and learn more about the types of personalization and customization options that are available with products. Education sessions repeat throughout the day on topics such as new products with a technology-focused design, retail options in promotional products, thoughtful occasions for employee gifts and the sustainability and social responsibility efforts happening in the marketplace.


 2. Prepare a list of questions.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the event and forget the things you signed on to learn. To get answers to pressing questions, write them down and have them ready. Be open to what distributors have to say. You may learn valuable information that you didn’t know you needed.


3. Follow your distributor partner’s lead.

A distributor not only has access to high quality, on trend products, but they’re marketing experts who can work with you to create the best campaign. The PPW Expo is a great place to better understand how distributors leverage their experience working with different types of products. The PPW Expo is a great opportunity to learn how to work strategically with your distributor to advance your marketing objectives.


Get Inspired At The PPW Expo

The PPW Expo provides a convenient and interactive opportunity to help you learn more about promotional products, collaborate on creative ideas, and analyze product choices for upcoming campaigns. Attending this event will help you see the promotional products industry in a new light. You’ll feel motivated to   in new ways and engage your audience more effectively.


As important, you’ll strengthen your relationship with your distributor partner. Distributors, register for the PPW Expo here – then be sure to invite your customers!